Health Care Electric Acupuntura Meridian Pen Point Detector Electronic Acupuntura Massage Pain Therapy Acupuncture Pen Price: $65.00 (as of 25/09/2022 04:50 PST- Details)

Intelligent point detection, audio prompts, detection / treatment function of a key switch
creating a “family day care meridian” and is a major breakthrough in the history of Chinese medicine
acupoint detection sensitivity can be adjusted according to different skin types and skin conditions
Frequency adjustment range: 1-16 Hz, the sound hole prompts search user-friendly design, easy to operate
Twelfth China International Health Expo Science and Technology Progress Award
products passed the CE certification product won two national patents.

Operation step:
1. “ON/OFF” knob to around 4 files, then “Sensitivity” spin around to 2, about 2 per second when detecting acoustic hum shall prevail.Due to personal skin and dry humidity weather, “Sensitivity” regulation vary from person to person.
2. Before use, first will need to use in the treatment of probe is installed in the host, and then insert the conductive rod wire in the host at the bottom of the interface, another hand hold the contact rod form a loop.
3. Correct posture of hand instruments, such as holding pen, thumb contact instrument metal conduction piece 1, escaping contact conduction metal piece 2, erect hold in contact with human skin.
4. Detection: the meridian entry points in detecting meridian acupoints, when they hear a continuous hum and display values increase rapidly, the channels and collaterals acupuncture points are detected, then press start treatment under treatment.Note: when detecting meridian acupoints, may hold the key treatment。
5. Treatment, can through the “ON/OFF” key to adjust the intensity of appropriate treatment, in order to feel comfortable it is advisable to (a total of 10 strength level is adjustable from 0 to 10)。 6. After using, press the “ON/OFF” key to adjust to the closed position.
7. Replace beauty probe: beauty face, remove the probe counterclockwise, then clockwise lock beauty probe.
8. Wh


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